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Disney Parks
Conceptual UI and UX

Disney Parks, Experiences and Products brings the magic of Disney stories and franchises to life through theme parks, resorts, cruise ships, unique vacation experiences, consumer products and more around the world.

While I was working at Disney, we wanted to pitch an Interactive Disney Parks App that would would update in real time with current events and activities going on in the Park. The App is divided into 4 sections. Park Info, Quizzes, Collections and Quizzes. The idea was to encourage discovery throughout the park and encourage sharing content on Facebook.

Selection screen for which part of the park you would like to visit
The Park Info section highlights any special events, featured locations and park hours.
Quizzes section was a fun way to create a shareable piece of content
Collections were rewards for discovering, sharing or watching content
Guests could easily purchase tickets within the app without leaving the experience.
The Disney Parks app was a great exercise in how you could evolve the Disney map into a more interactive and fun experience by leveraging strong brand assets.

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