Re-Imagining Recovery
Keet Health

Re-Imagining Recovery

Keet Health
Design Research, UX Design, Conceptual UI, Product Design, Production Design

Keet Health is a patient engagement and automated communications platform for the management of musculoskeletal disease.

Keet Health wanted to build an app that would help connect patients to their therapists with ease, as well as design a healthcare provider dashboard to help monitor and assign patient activities. The goal was to create a smooth and easy exploration experience, so providers can focus more on patient care instead of spending time filling out tedious forms and for patients to be able to easily track their much needed tasks.

Early Prototype of the Keet Patient App
iOS App Patient Screens where they could check their tasks for the day and message their therapists directly through the app. Download on both the iOS app store and Google Play Store.

Part of the project scope was to also design a new front facing website. I created 2 different versions for them, one that was heavy on lifestyle imagery and another that was more illustration based.

Concept 1
Concept 2 (this is what they gravitated more towards)

I also worked on designing and implementing UX to new pages for their Dashboard, Patients, and Workflow screens.

Dashboard provides an overall quick view of how patients rate your service

Designing a workflow hierarchy that was simple and easy to use was one of the challenges for Keet Health. We decided to implement a robust and seamless user experience to provide easier access to add groups and assign workflows. A chart on the right shows visual cues to guide them through the process.

Workflow Page is used to create automated tasks for patient groups

Similar to what we did for workflows, we decided to expand on the design pattern to the patients page to create a similar user experience

Patients page with easy access to important details through its tabbed interface
The combination of an easy to use interface and intuitive navigational cues gives Keet Health the advantage over their competition. The right combination of data structuring and flow management has made them a leader in their segment. Since then, they have been acquired by Clinicient, Inc., a provider of business solutions for outpatient rehabilitation.

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